The GET BETTER membership program is an integrated player development system that provides key resources to help athletes reach optimal levels at a discounted rate! Join a trusted network of basketball programs and reach your full potential like 30,000+ other basketball athletes.

Benefits of Joining 

  • The “Get Better” Player Development program will help transform athlete’s goals into meaningful actions.
  •  Access to a Player Development Specialist (Basketball Mentor) that can assist in creating a Player Development Plan.
  • Attend programs at a discounted price within a trusted network.
  • Stay up to date on present and new programs that will help you reach goals.
  • View informative articles and instructional training videos.

How It Works 

  1. Sign-Up To F&B Network For FREE (Powered By Upperhand)!
    • Provide name, contact information, and demographic information. All athletes will have access to programs after signing up.
  2. Choose GET BETTER Membership Type (provides programs at a discounted rate):
    • Bronze
    • Silver
    • Gold (Coming Soon)
  3. Start Getting Better!!!
    • Schedule an appointment with a Player Development Specialist (optional).
    • Build Player Profile (optional).
    • Search and Find Available Programs.


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