#GetBetterStory, With Former West Virginia University Starting Guard Jevon Carter!

To inspire, motivate, and educate basketball athletes, F&B Programs has teamed up with athletes, coaches, and parents to provide basketball stories, testimonies, and more!
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Jevon Carter, has been dedicated to basketball most of his life. Having a Father and supportive Uncles earlier in his career really made a difference in the beginning phases of playing basketball. They always pushed him to the next level and ensure he stayed on top of his game, on and off the court!
🏀Continue To Learn and Mature!
Throughout the years of maturing, Jevon has realized that shooting 3’s and scoring just wasn’t enough! Making an effort to play defense and not allowing his opponent to score become more of focal point playing in College.
🏀Prepare For A Better Transition!
Jevon’s approach is geared towards hard work, staying ready, and completing all the requirements needed to make a smooth transition into the next level. Going into college, he was able to adapt to the change of speed and physicality by being prepared  (gaining 30 pounds of muscle and working harder during his freshman summer year). He mentions that “playing at a higher level involves less room for error especially when you have Bob Huggins as a coach”
🏀Stick To The Plan!
Jevon recommends to stay dedicated to your mission! During the journey you will have to make decisions of participating in extracurricular activities or putting in additional hours of work in the basketball gym. What is done with your time is important, so staying focus is critical.
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#GetBetterStory With Chris Palombizio, Former Player of Oakland University

To inspire, motivate, and educate basketball athletes, F&B Programs has teamed up with athletes, coaches, and parents to provide basketball stories, testimonies, and more!

🏀The Beginning

Chris Palambizio was first introduced to the game of basketball through his Father and big Brother. Attending his Brother games along with having a former NBA player as a Father really made an impact on Chris’s introduction to basketball. Throughout the years of playing basketball, he has learned that discipline, paying attention to details, and learning new things are key focal points for getting better.

🏀Prepare For A Better Transition

For Chris, going from High School to College was a drastic transition. Despite being a top player in high school, entering college as a freshman was like starting all over. “The speed of the game is faster and the Coaches are tough”, Chris states. To adapt, he had to become mentally stronger, in addition to jumping outside of his comfort zone.

🏀Stick To The Plan

Chris now has the opportunity to play against players who will most likely advance to the next level (Pros), so it’s important to improve his defense (this include guarding the best player). Currently, Chris is working on “on-the-ball defense”, becoming more athletic, playing consistently well, and staying ready for when his number is called.

🏀3 Key Take Points From Chris:

  1. Pay attention to detail.
  2. Think outside the box.
  3. Stay ahead of the competition.

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#GetBetterStory with Ivory Crawford, Starting Guard of Pro Team Breidablik

To inspire, motivate, and educate basketball athletes, F&B Programs has teamed up with athletes, coaches, and parents to provide basketball stories, testimonies, and more!

🏀What Can Basketball Do For you?
Ivory was Introduced to the game of Basketball through playing around in the backyard. For her, playing basketball was a great tool to stay out of trouble and meet new friends.

🏀Know When To Level Up
Even though transitioning from high school to college was tough (getting use to the schedule change), Ivory maintained a courageous attitude which in turn helped her become a great competitor. Soon after, she became more focused on seeing improvement and building mental toughness.

🏀Continue To Learn and Mature
From past experiences, Ivory now understands the importance of connecting with the right people (resources) for proper guidance and opportunities. Currently, she is focused on self-belief, maintaining a clear focus, and eliminating external distractions. As far as basketball, Ivory is spending more time understanding game-like situations and knowing when to take over.

🏀3 Key Points From Ivory:

  1. Be yourself.
  2. Learn the basics before advancing.
  3. Stay focused on your main objective and everything will keep progressing.

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#GetBetterStory With Jakob Medina, Starting Guard of St. Patrick’s High School

To inspire, motivate, and educate basketball athletes, F&B Programs has teamed up with athletes, coaches, and parents to provide basketball stories, testimonies, and more!

The Beginning
Since the age of 5, Jakob Medina, has been dedicated to basketball. Having an Uncle and Grandfather earlier in his career really made a difference in the beginning phases of playing basketball. His uncle taught him that basketball could be used as a tool in life, while his Grandfather prepared him for the high school level through being his elementary basketball coach.-Continue To Learn and Mature!

Prepare For A Better Transition
Entering high school was a transition that helped elevate Jakob’s game. In elementary school, he was considered one of the best in the area. The wake up call came when playing against other players who were also considered elite players in their area or region. It helped him see that scoring and being the best wasn’t enough. It was about being ready and staying focus during game situations.

Stick To The Plan
Currently, Jakob is dedicated to Getting Better. He is a gym rat with a couple personal trainers. He is focused on improving his shot, ball handling, and leadership skills. His mind is already set and focused on his next transition (college). Ball handling is more of a focus for Jakob right now, because at the next level he will be considered a Point or Shooting guard. Throughout the years of maturing, Jakob has realized that treating his body right, such as eating properly, is an important aspect for Getting Better. In addition, he now understands that it’s not about how many hours spent in the gym, but about the quality and what is being done while in the gym.

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Dangers Of Being Unprepared

Dear Athletes,

As a coach, I’ve seen numerous athletes lose a game or have a bad game and not understand why. Either they blame the coach, teammates or referee.

However, the root of the problem often lines outside of the specific game itself – athletes need to understand how work ethic can positively or negativity affect game performance.

In the beginning, playing competitive basketball can be challenging for some athletes. Playing the game and not performing well or winning can send athletes into a different state of mind. For some, this leads to low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and even the desire to quit. In addition, trying out for a team and not making it is definitely a feeling no one wants to encounter. Even though these are stressful moments players want to avoid, it is important to learn from every situation – even the negative ones – to help grow into a better athlete.

Have you ever felt unprepared? Sit and reflect on the times when you had to speak to a group of people without knowing what to say, or those times you had to take a test without thoroughly studying. These are all examples of moments when you were not prepared.

If you don’t relate to these non-basketball examples, let’s switch gears back to the game. Think about times when you had a bad game – was it because the defense forced you to your weak side? Was it because you didn’t take the mid-range jumpers which were mainly wide open the entire game? Was it because your man consecutively back-doored you?

There could be other factors leading to a bad game, but the key takeaway is that those bad games exposed areas where work is needed. These examples of stressful situations where athletes were unprepared will arouse a sense of fear every time the athlete steps into the game if not corrected.

Definition of Fear: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is a threat.

Definition of Stress: a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.

In basketball, this translates into working on making 250 mid-range jumpers each day, dribble sprinting the court a hundred times per day towards your weak side, working on seeing man and ball more in practice to prevent back-door cuts, etc.

How can athletes control stress levels and alleviate fear while using their emotions in a positive manner? One of the key ingredients is being prepared.

Plain and simple: having a good work ethic and solid preparation will help eliminate fear and stress. After each practice, training session or film analysis, players have the opportunity to place themselves in a proper state of mind to positivity affect their performance in the future.

Closing thoughts: The next time you have a bad game, view that as an opportunity to become better. Identify the problem or point of struggle, and work to improve it. Focus on being prepared for those situations by increasing your work ethic.

Coach Paris Davis, MBA

Player Development Specialist

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