#GetBetterStory, With Former West Virginia University Starting Guard Jevon Carter!

To inspire, motivate, and educate basketball athletes, F&B Programs has teamed up with athletes, coaches, and parents to provide basketball stories, testimonies, and more!
🏀Gain Better Opportunities By Using Available Resources!
Jevon Carter, has been dedicated to basketball most of his life. Having a Father and supportive Uncles earlier in his career really made a difference in the beginning phases of playing basketball. They always pushed him to the next level and ensure he stayed on top of his game, on and off the court!
🏀Continue To Learn and Mature!
Throughout the years of maturing, Jevon has realized that shooting 3’s and scoring just wasn’t enough! Making an effort to play defense and not allowing his opponent to score become more of focal point playing in College.
🏀Prepare For A Better Transition!
Jevon’s approach is geared towards hard work, staying ready, and completing all the requirements needed to make a smooth transition into the next level. Going into college, he was able to adapt to the change of speed and physicality by being prepared  (gaining 30 pounds of muscle and working harder during his freshman summer year). He mentions that “playing at a higher level involves less room for error especially when you have Bob Huggins as a coach”
🏀Stick To The Plan!
Jevon recommends to stay dedicated to your mission! During the journey you will have to make decisions of participating in extracurricular activities or putting in additional hours of work in the basketball gym. What is done with your time is important, so staying focus is critical.
Looking to Get Better like Jevon? Click Here

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