#GetBetterStory with Ivory Crawford, Starting Guard of Pro Team Breidablik

To inspire, motivate, and educate basketball athletes, F&B Programs has teamed up with athletes, coaches, and parents to provide basketball stories, testimonies, and more!

🏀What Can Basketball Do For you?
Ivory was Introduced to the game of Basketball through playing around in the backyard. For her, playing basketball was a great tool to stay out of trouble and meet new friends.

🏀Know When To Level Up
Even though transitioning from high school to college was tough (getting use to the schedule change), Ivory maintained a courageous attitude which in turn helped her become a great competitor. Soon after, she became more focused on seeing improvement and building mental toughness.

🏀Continue To Learn and Mature
From past experiences, Ivory now understands the importance of connecting with the right people (resources) for proper guidance and opportunities. Currently, she is focused on self-belief, maintaining a clear focus, and eliminating external distractions. As far as basketball, Ivory is spending more time understanding game-like situations and knowing when to take over.

🏀3 Key Points From Ivory:

  1. Be yourself.
  2. Learn the basics before advancing.
  3. Stay focused on your main objective and everything will keep progressing.

Looking to Get Better like Ivory? Click Here


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