#GetBetterStory With Chris Palombizio, Former Player of Oakland University

To inspire, motivate, and educate basketball athletes, F&B Programs has teamed up with athletes, coaches, and parents to provide basketball stories, testimonies, and more!

­čĆÇThe Beginning

Chris Palambizio was first introduced to the game of basketball through his Father and big Brother. Attending his Brother games along with having a former NBA player as a Father really made an impact on Chris’s introduction to basketball. Throughout the years of playing basketball, he has learned that discipline, paying attention to details, and learning new things are key focal points for getting better.

­čĆÇPrepare For A Better Transition

For Chris, going from High School to College was a drastic transition. Despite being a top player in high school, entering college as a freshman was like starting all over. “The speed of the game is faster and the Coaches are tough”,┬áChris states.┬áTo adapt, he had to become mentally stronger, in addition to jumping outside of his comfort zone.

­čĆÇStick To The Plan

Chris now has the opportunity to play against players who will most likely advance to the next level (Pros), so it’s important to improve his defense (this include guarding the best player). Currently,┬áChris is working on “on-the-ball defense”, becoming more athletic, playing┬áconsistently well, and staying ready for when his number is called.

­čĆÇ3 Key Take Points From Chris:

  1. Pay attention to detail.
  2. Think outside the box.
  3. Stay ahead of the competition.

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