#GetBetterStory With Jakob Medina, Starting Guard of St. Patrick’s High School

To inspire, motivate, and educate basketball athletes, F&B Programs has teamed up with athletes, coaches, and parents to provide basketball stories, testimonies, and more!

The Beginning
Since the age of 5, Jakob Medina, has been dedicated to basketball. Having an Uncle and Grandfather earlier in his career really made a difference in the beginning phases of playing basketball. His uncle taught him that basketball could be used as a tool in life, while his Grandfather prepared him for the high school level through being his elementary basketball coach.-Continue To Learn and Mature!

Prepare For A Better Transition
Entering high school was a transition that helped elevate Jakob’s game. In elementary school, he was considered one of the best in the area. The wake up call came when playing against other players who were also considered elite players in their area or region. It helped him see that scoring and being the best wasn’t enough. It was about being ready and staying focus during game situations.

Stick To The Plan
Currently, Jakob is dedicated to Getting Better. He is a gym rat with a couple personal trainers. He is focused on improving his shot, ball handling, and leadership skills. His mind is already set and focused on his next transition (college). Ball handling is more of a focus for Jakob right now, because at the next level he will be considered a Point or Shooting guard. Throughout the years of maturing, Jakob has realized that treating his body right, such as eating properly, is an important aspect for Getting Better. In addition, he now understands that it’s not about how many hours spent in the gym, but about the quality and what is being done while in the gym.

Looking to Get Better like Jakob? Click Here

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